Want to see how others are using the ENTiTi platform to build VR and AR experiences? Browse through the selected ENTiTi experiences below or download the free ENTiTi Viewer app for iOS and Android to view them on your smartphone, Google Cardboard or other supported head-mounted devices.

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What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality (VR) is a computer-simulated environment that simulates physical presence in real or imagined worlds. Virtual reality can replicate sensory experiences that include virtual taste, sight, smell, sound and touch. VR is created with software and presented in a way that the user suspends belief and accepts it as a real environment. And, virtual reality is already a reality! 


Virtual Reality’s Missing Piece is Content:

The VR hardware market is full of promising innovations, but the ecosystem lacks content and a clearly defined way to create and distribute content to all devices and users. WakingApp’s ENTiTi platform is the enabler that the VR ecosystem needs. It is compatible with leading hardware, is easy to use and enables content to be published instantly.


Creating Virtual Reality Content with ENTiTi Creator

ENTiTi Creator is a drag-and-drop virtual reality content creator that anyone can use – no coding or programming are required. Users import their content assets, including videos, images, audio and 3D models, to the ENTiTi platform’s cloud storage. The assets can be placed in the drag-and-drop interface and programmed using a visual logic system that the user controls. The WakingApp team has also created a number of pre-made virtual reality projects that you can use as the foundation of your own projects or in order to understand the ENTiTi components that can be viewed in a mobile app.


To try ENTiTi Creator, download it today for PC or Mac.


Viewing Virtual Reality Content with ENTiTi Viewer

The ENTiTi Viewer app gives smartphone, Google Cardboard-type viewers and smart glasses like Samsung Gear, ZEISS VRONE or FreeFly access to a limitless source of VR and AR content. Content can be published in minutes and updated on the fly, so that the latest content from the ENTiTi Creator universe is always available in the app.


To try ENTiTi Viewer, download it today for Android or iOS.